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    31 октября, 2019

    Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Political Repression

    Автор: Damir Mukhendinov, комментариев нет

    October 30 is a day of mourning in our country as we remember the numerous victims of and all people affected by political repression in the Soviet Union.

    The plow of persecution, exile, mass deportation, lengthy imprisonment, torture and execution ripped through all of the Soviet peoples; representatives of all faiths faced the horror of political repression. Every year, as if by some unspoken tradition, Russian society sinks into reflection of those gruesome times, and endless debates in political talk shows on Russian TV revolve around the actual number of those who were murdered and suffered during the totalitarian years.

    But, in my opinion, we should step away from the statistics and take on another format of discussion – namely, what lesson do we need to learn from those events? What can we, the modern generation of Russians, do to prevent history from repeating itself?

    Stalin and his henchmen broadcast collective guilt on many Muslim ethnicities in Russia, the bitter fruit of which we are still harvesting. I have repeatedly insisted and continue to insist that the Soviet leader should not be credited for restoring the Islamic religious organizations during the Great Patriotic War. Just like a more liberal attitude towards the Church, that decision was entirely in the spirit of Realpolitik, which was proven by later events.

    Today the names of the repression victims will be read out at memorial rallies on several city squares; schools will hold demo classes that are to evoke in schoolchildren – those who will take our place in the future – zero tolerance for any persecution on grounds of beliefs whatsoever. All of us – Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists – were scathed by the tyrants and oppressors of dissenters.

    Years have passed but the pain endured by the descendants of the victims of totalitarianism does not subside and is unlikely subside any time soon.

    Today I’m praying to the Almighty to bestow peace and security upon the people of all ethnicities and faiths in Russia and for political repression to remain only a chapter in our history that will never happen again.

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