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    04 september, 2015

    About the pillars of a possible Russia-China alliance

    Author: Sergey Markov, comments 1

    The May 9 military parade in Moscow in honor of the victory over Nazi Germany and the military parade in Beijing in honor of the victory over Japanese militarism and the end of World War II have become symbols of the emerging alliance of Russia and China. Chinese leader Xi Jinping was a number one guest at the Moscow parade and showed ultimate friendliness towards Russia. No surprise, President of Russia Vladimir Putin became the main guest at the celebration of the victory over Japan and the end of World War II in Beijing.

    Of all members of the anti-Hitler coalition, only Russia and China have celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Victory on such a massive scale. Most countries seem to have left those victorious days way behind in their history, while China and Russia still retain that victory at the top of their agenda. Why so? The explanation is obvious. Soviet Union sacrificed 27 millions lives for the victory, most of the victims being not Soviet soldiers, but civilians killed by Germany and its allies in the course of its policy of systematic genocide of Russians and other peoples of the USSR. China lost about 20 million people during World War II, with an absolute majority of them as well being not soldiers, but civilians killed by Japan in the course of a similar policy of genocide of the Chinese.

    Casualties of other nations in World War II simply bear no comparison. For instance, other key members of the Anti-Hitler and Anti-Japan coalitions – USA and Great Britain – sustained fewer than half a million casualties, mostly military ones. Poland, that ranks third after Russia and China, lost 6 millions of its citizens. Half of them were Jews, with the Poles themselves involved in the process of their annihilation. Though France incurred 600,000 casualties, most of them (about half a million of people) were residents of French Indochina (contemporary Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia) rather than France itself.

    The four nations that suffered from genocide during World War II the most are Russians, the Chinese, Jews and Gypsies. What was perceived by Americans and the British predominantly as the war of armed forces against imperialistic Germany and Japan for geopolitical dominance in the world became a deadly disaster and the fight for survival of their nations for China and Russia. Germany and Japan were planning to exterminate Russia and China so that they would cease their existence. Population of the USSR and China should have dwindled dramatically as a consequence of systematic genocide policy that was supposed to carry out for many years and even decades. That’s the reason why Russia and China are celebrating together not only the victory, but also survival of their nations, and holding military parades to prevent a new war. That’s the reason why the Russian and Chinese leaders are standing shoulder to shoulder at military parades held both n China and Russia.

    At the same time, the unity of Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping doesn’t have an entirely retrospective character, as it is also directed into the present and the future. At the present time, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping are trying to prevent the world from sliding into a catastrophe presented by a renewed global confrontation of the great powers. Hence, the leaders of Russia and China constantly remind the United States that the policy of exclusiveness and pursuit of aggressive dominance currently conducted by America rather reminds the policy of exclusiveness previously conducted by Nazi Germany and militaristic Japanese Empire. Today, Russia and China are not willing to live under the dictate of the United States, the same as they did not surrender to the dictate of Germany and Japan 70 years ago. With that, Russia and China are making special efforts to prevent slipping into the abyss of military confrontation spurred by the irresponsible and bold policy of Washington war hawks.

    Vision of Russia and China is directed to the future, as they are striving for more than simply getting away from a unipolar world order dominated by America, but also for establishing powerful institutions of multipolar world order that would enable all nations to rest assured that their interests would be respected. The establishment of multipolar world order institutions is not an easy task, though their initial manifestations in the version of BRICS, the SCO, the Eurasian Union, the Silk Road are already in the making.

    Numerous pro-Western elites in Russia are worried that after its turn to the East, albeit a forced one, Russia would find itself subjugated by China. Such fears have a right for existence, though they are greatly exaggerated. The truth is that China is not interested in the weakening of Russia, it is rather interested in a Russia remaining as a powerful sovereign country able to ally with China to contain the United States. Chinese elites are convinced that once Washington managed to overpower Russia, America would retarget its hard blows from Russia to China in a span of a few months. That is why China needs a strong Russia.

    In addition, we are seeing that China’s main foreign policy efforts are applied not to the North, but to the South, where China is historically bothered by numerous conflicts. That’s where economic and political activity of China is channeled to. It is the South that combat systems of China are targeted on in order to protect itself against American military bases.

    The generation of the incumbent leaders of Russia, mostly about 50 years old, still remember the frenzy of the Sino-Soviet conflict over the Damanski Island. But recklessness of the late-Maoist regime is long gone. Policy of today’s China is very balanced, consistent and pragmatic, with love of Russia and Russian culture rooted deeply not only with its elites, but also ordinary people. I reminisce quite well how astonished I was when walking around the huge park in the suburbs of Beijing I heard a lone Chinese man standing in a gazebo somewhere far from me and singing the Russian song “Along the Peterskaya” in a bad Russian. Russian culture is adored in China. That is why, perhaps, China is the leader in an amount of tourists visiting Russia.

    The Russian and Chinese leaders are yet to agree on a number of major systemic issues concerning the development of the Russia-Chinese alliance. It is necessary to initiate large hi-tech projects, enhance political cooperation and virtually build the multipolar world order institutions, as well as elevate civic cooperation between Russia and China to a whole new level, like the US and EU did. Such cooperation would help the peoples of Russia and China understand each other better, trust each other and develop joint projects.

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