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    24 march, 2016

    «Currently HIV is not confined to marginal social groups»

    Author: Vladimir Neroyev, no comments

    From Vladimir Neroev’s opening speech at the National conference on prevention of HIV among students and young employees in Moscow on March 23

    Russia has become the first country in the world to organize a confidential personified registration of all citizens that are diagnosed as having HIV. The registration permits to assess the current situation with the infection and to detect urgent problems.

    According to the Federal Scientific Center for the Prevention and the Fight Against AIDS, half of HIV cases are diagnosed among persons under the age of 25, i.e. primarily among young people.

    It must be emphasized that it of special concern that currently HIV is not confined to marginal social groups, exceeding the bounds of traditional groups at risk and touching socially well-situated citizens. In many cases HIV is diagnosed in women’s health clinics at the moment of registration for prenatal care, as well as in TB clinics during     tuberculosis checkup.

    In our country a project is elaborated and successfully implemented – Programme of primary prevention of HIV in educational environment and of fostering a tolerant attitude towards HIV positive persons and their immediate circle. To prevent anti-social manifestations among minors a special attention is paid to educational programmes.

    Russia continues to promote HIV prevention among young people as well as to tackle drug abuse which frequently becomes a factor of HIV infection. One of the leading axes of prevention is interaction with media: distribution of leaflets and ad spots, the quality of which is tested with involvement of students. Scientific medicine forges ahead. Relevant inventions are being projected.

    The participants of the Conference are young citizens who are indifferent to well-being of our society. You are integral part of the general system of prevention of HIV contagion.

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