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    09 june, 2016

    Smoking ban in cars

    Author: Shamil Gantsev, no comments

    The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation proposes to introduce a ban on smoking in cars, if an adults accompanied by a child. In my opinion, it is a half-hearted proposal. I believe that it is necessary to consider a total ban on smoking in cars. Of course, from the standpoint of children and adolescents protection from tobacco smoke everything is right. But we should also note another point – such a bad habit distracts the driver, and fills car with smoke, turning it into a tobacco cell.

    Everyone agrees that talking on the phone while driving affects the road security. The intensity of traffic on the roads of our country as well as in the world has been steadily growing and loss of attention, even for a second, may lead to tragic consequences. Thus, a ban on mobile phones is justified, but a cigarette also takes the driver's attention, being a potential source of fire, and turns driver in "a one-handed pilot", in contrast to “hands free” devices in case of mobile phones.

    Furthermore, for a whole working day a professional driver can smoke a lot, so his performance is significantly reduced, with the attention becomes dulled. Tobacco fans are also not recommended to smoke in their private vehicles while driving. Smoking causes enormous harm to health, so it seems to me that a total ban would be quite appropriate.

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