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    14 august, 2009

    Bad traditions to be destroyed

    Author: Alexander Kanshin, comments 8

    Recently, professional holidays of our military elite like Commando’s and Frontier Guard’s Day are more and more associated with drunken revelry and fountain swimming in Gorky Park. It is disgusting to watch how strong and healthy men, during working day frighten ordinary city-dwellers. To save somehow people from such «defenders» police has to interfere.

    Did we deserve it?

    It is doubly strange and disappointing, if we remember, that still 20 years ago lot of kids dreamed to become airborne troops. They wanted to receive blue cap and then, with proud, tell their friends about their breathtaking adventures. Books of famous writers and films, like «Otvetnui ydar» and «Marsh brosok», told us about heroic frontier-guards, who struggled against criminals. In Soviet Era we had a feeling that military elite do exist.

    Crucial point, as we could see, occurred in early 90-s. There army collapsed and most of the troops leaved without work. New lifestyle thrown them out to the edge of existence. Naturally it effected even the way of celebrating professional holidays.

    Now it’s time to finish. We need to think about the alternative. We have decided the authorities (Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Internal Affairs) to organize a beautiful holiday with military demonstrations, performance and salute. We need to refresh. Bad traditions are to be destroyed. Especially, when we have our great history.

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Comments (8)

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