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    21 november, 2012

    Don’t we need writers and architects?

    Author: Andrei Dementiev, no comments

    Decades ago we were a country with the highest level of education. Proofs? Here you are: one million two hundred thousand people immigrated to Israel from the USSR; these were physicians, engineers, software developers, teachers… Not only they had successfully rooted there, they had elevated economy of this country!

    And we here… I am indignant with the fact that the Literature Institute, Architecture Institute, Pedagogical Institute, etc. are de-facto on the border of closing down. This is insane! At some points, Konstantine Simonov, Rasul Gamzatov, Yury Bondarev, Yury Trifonov, had graduated from the Literature Institute. This is the cream of the national literature! Don’t we need writers and pedagogues any more?! Don’t we need architects?!

    I am concerned about authorities’ helplessness. We should not be closing educational institutions but raising the prestige of those professions which we have need in, where the youth do not want to go. Earlier on, hundreds of young people wanted to be cosmonauts: this was prestigious. Now they have shortage of applicants. We have brought up a generation which is looking for profits. And this is the end of it! The country is losing its hard-worked heights.  If people are thinking in terms of “greens beat the good,” if they are thinking only about money, there will be little use of them. This is why professional involvement is always bordering with self forgetfulness.

    If technical professions have no demand among school leavers, this is our fault. Did we make education in this field interesting? Have we built up our economy in such a way that these kids would then have employment? Nowadays, about 22% of Russian citizens are eager to leave the country. Mostly, these are young people. They see no perspectives here. The industry is collapsing.  Enterprises get closed or sold to private owners, and the new owners ultimately kill then down. Scholars with world names told me that there next to nothing is invested in fundamental sciences. This is a big danger for the country. There can be neither higher education, nor discoveries or modernization without higher education. Just nothing!

    Arguments and facts, 21.11.12

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