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    09 january, 2013

    Who Russia is reposed on

    Author: Andrei Dementiev, no comments

    The “United Russia” proposed to establish a special program of support to intelligentsia in provinces.

    Nobody would argue that provincial intelligentsia is in need of serious support and that its situation is often practically catastrophic. We can endlessly heap praises on these people but we need to start from the material side. We need to make it in such a way that a person would be concerned with how to share his/her talents and expertise, and not about if he/she would have what to give to his/her child to eat. Never mind what your attitude to Karl Marx is, he was right saying that social being determines consciousness.

    We do have a lot of intelligentsia both in cities and villages. The matter is, nobody would be telling about these people: TV channels keep showing one and the same people all the time. They forgot that there are theaters and philharmonic halls not only in the capital cities but in the provinces as well. It would be great to have clear understanding of the way the ruling party is going to provide assistance. Tell more about the life of this part of the population? Yes, this would be good.  But it would have been a lot more important if party members could legally improve conditions of intelligentsia’s life and work. I travel a lot around the country: I see these people; I see how they live and work. Librarians, teachers, museum employees… These are devotees! They work hard for the salary of 5-7 thousand people!  You know, every year I come to Tarkhany for festivities dedicated to Lermontov’s poetry. These events are carried out by the local museum employees. Up to 5 thousand people get together on the lawn to listen to presentations! People come from literally everywhere! This proves the need in spiritual life.

    And these local museums are doing their best to barely survive. Some cultivate bees, some develop folk crafts. I came once to Krasnoyarsk Kray and went to visit Victor Astafiev Museum. The Museum has no visitors: who would go to a remote Siberian village even for the sake of Astafiev? Never mind, museum employees somehow stay afloat and don’t let the museum get closed. In this same way, they keep afloat our culture all over the country; they keep afloat Russia and its future. And all this is done by people who, let me remind again, are paid next to nothing and there is no other part-time job there, no other ways to make any extra money.

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