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    11 september, 2013

    They are in charge of tens of lives

    Author: Nikolai Daikhes, no comments

    A mess in our roads is happening every day. We have had a huge number of car accidents in the recent times. No doubt, GAI (Road Police) officers carry out various raids and try to educate drivers-violators. But there is a bigger field for further efforts.

    I believe that we must toughen the procedure of licensing and issuing medical certificates to drivers of minibus taxies. I guess there is a big difference between certifying a driver who, conditionally speaking, drives his/her personality, and another thing when this is a man (often not a high professional) who has a dozen of people in his vehicle. This is all the more so in major cities, where it is not an easy thing to orientate oneself, especially for migrants (a huge percent of minibus taxi drivers are migrants) who are not too familiar with traffic regulations and the language.

    I believe that it is necessary to introduce various additional tests which could have helped to identify not only the level of an individual’s health but also his/her psychological / emotional state. Officers-to-be of MI and the Ministry of Emergency Situations undergo special training; I am sure that for my colleagues who are engaged in compiling such methodical instructions this will not make a problem to come up with an additional test for drivers as well. The most important thing is to make it not a formal thing and not just for marking a box.

    When a person gets permission and a license for working at a company, he/she should undergo tough tests. And these tests should be implemented by medical commissions issuing certificates, because companies are not interested in this. They are commercial organizations: their social responsibility entirely depends upon the morality of the company owner.

    In the nearest future our Commission on control over health system reform and modernization and demography will hold a meeting dedicated to the problems of medical provision for drivers of public transportation.

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