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    16 june, 2014

    43% pf the population trust the CС

    Author: Iosif Diskin, no comments

    The society assessed our efficiency by how timely and adequately we respond to social initiatives and society’s signals. In those cases when there is a public agenda and the Chamber does not respond to it, there occurs tension, mistrust, and various speculations.

    Trust is the Civic Chamber is its “capital.” I would like to remind you that the Chamber came to this Plenary Session with a very high level of country’s public trust. In regards of the trust and mistrust, it yields only to the President’s and traditional Russian confessions. This is the capital which we cannot loose. However, for increase of the level of trust in the Chamber’s activities, it is necessary to resolve several problems. First of all, it is important to clarify goals and objects of Chamber’s activities. There is one very serious contradiction. On the one part, the majority of active civil population trust Chamber’s activities, but far from everyone knows what it is engaged in. We have a document intended for this: the annual CC’s report on the status of civil society. I believe that this report does not settle the task: it is necessary to provide for more active cooperation between the Chamber and Public Television.

    Public Control is the next issue. As soon as the law “On Public Control” is adopted, the Civic Chamber will be put on the top of the “pyramid” of subjects of the public control. The key issue is to put matters of forming public councils affiliated with federal executive agencies in an absolutely new way. It is categorically intolerable when the Government allows washing statutes of Presidential orders and its own verdict on the order of formation of public councils which says that councils are formed on parity grounds with the departments and RF Civic Chamber. We must strive for this.

    The Chamber must shape absolutely new standards of professionalism and civil responsibility.

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