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    17 september, 2019

    “Those who defile the victors of the last war are inciting people to a new one”

    Author: Nataliya Kiryuhina, no comments

    The future of the Soviet Marshal Konev statue in Prague will be decided in a city referendum. This news came from the authorities of the Prague 6 central district.

    It was the district authorities who gave orders to cover the monument with a tarp and dismantle it later.

    Civic activists tore off the tarp three times during the first 24 hours.

    Czech community-minded persons against relocating the Konev statue in Prague held a picket in Sevastopol. Czechs visited the Memorial to the Heroic Defense of Sevastopol.

    About 10 Czech businesspeople and NGO members stood beside the memorial.

    The picketers held posters, which read that those who defile the victors of the last war are inciting people to a new one. They also had Russian and Czech flags.

    The picket took place at an unexpected location, given the sanctions and Europe’s doubts over the status of Crimea.

    However, we do remember who liberated the Czech Republic from the Nazis, we know about the many thousands who died during the liberation, and we even know that the Konev monument was erected by thankful Czechs. But the times are different now: the US has ordered another falsification of history.


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