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    03 september, 2019

    Multi-ethnic Russian society can come togetherto counter challenges posed by international terrorism

    Author: Albir Krganov, no comments

    Russia marks Solidarity against Terrorism Day every September 3. On that day, we remember all those killed or wounded by terrorists and honor operatives of secret services and other law enforcement agencies who were killed in the line of duty while preventing terrorist attacks. We pray while recalling the names of innocent Muslim religious leaders who were murdered in cold blood while safeguarding the cause of peace and their traditional convictions until their last gasp.

    This memorable date is inextricably linked with the September 2004 tragedy in Beslan when a bright festive day became a day of mourning and sorrow. At that time, over 300 people, mostly children, were killed in a horrendous terrorist attack. Our multi-ethnic Russia perceives the tragic events in Beslan, Moscow, Budyonnovsk, Kaspiisk, Kizlyar, Volgodonsk, Voronezh, St. Petersburg, Makhachkala, Grozny, Nazran, Kazan, Pervomaiskoye, Vladikavkaz and other cities as a common pain.

    Terrorism in its current form is a rather complicated social and political phenomenon. Although terrorism has many faces, it has always been notorious for its vile nature, misanthropic attitudes, brutality and inhumanity. Terrorists act in one and the same barbaric manner and kill mostly innocent people everywhere, be it in Russia or Europe, the Middle East or Asia.

    We realize that such violence aims to intimidate, to impose one’s own will and to wrest concessions from the authorities and society. Today, with the entire law-abiding world, we are passing a test that assesses the international community’s readiness to act hand in hand against the terrorist threat.

    Every year, terrorists ruthlessly destroy and desecrate religious temples and shrines. Not a single traditional religion teaches its followers to kill people or to commit crimes. On the contrary, religious texts praise the sacred nature of human life. This is why it is necessary to publicly and extensively spread the message of peace and unity, to reveal the false nature of the terrorists’ ideology and to counter attempts to link terrorism and religion.

    As an institution uniting citizens and the country’s public organizations, the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation decided to establish the Counter-Terrorism Coordinating Council in December 2015. I consider this decision to be important. Indeed, we have made our own modest contribution to establishing a common civic front for combating this evil over these years.

    Law enforcement agencies deal with those who have taken up arms to commit crimes. It is our task to provide ideological counter-measures, to conduct educational and awareness efforts and to shield our young people who can be recruited by terrorists from the influence of extremists. It goes without saying that religious education also plays a tremendous role in forging a counter-terrorist mentality. Today, we are doing our best to improve the quality of such education alongside federal and municipal agencies.

    It has now become clear that not a single agency or organization can effectively fight extremism and terrorism all on its own. We are jointly searching for ways of minimizing the impact of threats for the sake of Russia’s common sustained and safe development, in order to counter terrorism and religious radicalization by promoting traditional spiritual values and inter-religious dialogue.

    I am confident that our multi-ethnic Russian society can come together in order to counter the intricate challenges of international terrorism.

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