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    17 january

    Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada decided to disrupt children by using the law

    Author: Nataliya Kiryuhina, no comments

    On January 16, Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada adopted a discriminatory law on secondary education. Ukraine’s Ministry of Education conducted the complete elimination of Russian schools. The Russian language – spoken by every second Ukrainian – has been excluded from the education system. Starting from September 1, 2020, schools with teaching in the Russian language will cease to exist in Ukraine.

    I am sure that nation-wide teaching in the state language and learning the state language are two different things. All children can learn the state language with teaching in their native Russian language. However, Ukraine’s unicameral parliament known as Verkhovna Rada decided to disrupt children by using the law. Most deputies and representatives of the political party "Servant of the People" were quite clear and expressed their position unanimously.

    Everyone should speak and write in Ukrainian, this also applies to YouTube and Telegram channels. However, will it be possible for the "Servants of the People" themselves to use Russian? In view of the fact that now millions of Ukrainian children have been banned from studying their native Russian language? How can one now address them and the audience of the Kvartal-95 programme hosted in Russian? The younger generation will not understand.

    And what will happen to students who previously studied in Russian schools if suddenly in September 2020, being in grade 9, they start to study in Ukrainian?

    Can this be called accessible education? I am not sure.

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