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    10 june, 2020

    I hope the only legacy this pandemic leaves will be the habit of taking care of ourselves and our loved ones

    Author: Alexander Tkachenko, no comments

    As the head of a children's hospice, I feel very strongly about issues of life and death, and for me the value of health and the value of life are immeasurably higher than any other values or concepts.

    Of course, the novel virus has not been completely defeated yet; it is still a problem in our lives. We can also observe that tense epidemiological situations remain in several regions where people are sick and doctors are at increased risk.

    Therefore, as quarantine restrictions are being gradually lifted, I am worried that this step might become a pretext for irresponsible behavior on the part of some citizens due to the apparent disappearance of all risks.

    The decision to ease lockdown measures was made on the basis of statistics calculated using a specific methodology. But we must not forget that such a decision was made taking into account people’s cautious behavior while protecting themselves and others to the same extent.

    The health and life of every person is invaluable, and from this viewpoint, the percentage of sick or recovered patients is not so important as is our understanding that we are responsible for our health and the health of our loved ones. The health of society as a whole depends on our personal responsibility and public awareness.

    The quarantine period may be coming to an end, but no one has called off the sanitary rules and regulations. I hope the only legacy this pandemic leaves will be the habit of taking care of ourselves and our loved ones.

    The usual rules of proper hygiene must be followed such as washing your hands and avoiding crowds, and if you have signs of any acute respiratory infection, disinfectants and masks must be used in order to prevent spreading the illness. By following these rules, first and foremost, we display our responsibility and commitment to our loved ones.

    Emerging from quarantine is not only about paying attention to your health. Each of us now faces the challenge of overcoming the consequences of the pandemic on various levels. It is necessary to resume normal life in cities and restore the country's economy and relations.

    The period of restrictions is coming to an end meaning that one can reflect on the entire quarantine experience and draw relevant conclusions. However, we must not forget that the coronavirus is still with us and we must learn to live, function and perform our duties without endangering those close to us.

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