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    03 august, 2020

    In August we will conduct a large expedition “Western Front. Varshavskoe Highway" in Kaluga Region

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    Unfortunately, in 2020, the Year of Remembrance and Glory, we were unable to hold Memory Watch (Vahta pamyati) in spring. However, the self-isolation period was a great opportunity for our young searchers to improve their theoretical knowledge and skills by studying the archives.

    On August 10-24, at the places of battle during the Great Patriotic War in Kaluga Region, we will conduct a large expedition “Western Front. Varshavskoe Highway" in compliance with all sanitary recommendations. As part of the event, young searchers will become participants of the educational project “School of the Searcher.” Young volunteers will learn how to work with databases, how to use testers and metal detectors, read soldier's medallions, and work with reference materials of the All-Russian Information Retrieval Center.

    The opening ceremony of the expedition will take place on August 11 at 11:00 in the Baryatinsky district of Kaluga Region near the village of Tsvetovka. More than 600 people will take part in the expedition – searchers from 25 regions of Russia, as well as servicemen of the independent 90th special search battalion of the RF Ministry of Defense. The funeral service and burial ceremony for discovered Red Army soldiers will take place at military burial 269.8 "Podryv."

    In December 1941, during a counteroffensive near Moscow, the troops of the 50th Army drove the enemy back from Tula, liberated Kaluga, and in January 1942 reached Varshavskoe Highway. Here, at "Zaitseva Gora” (height – 269.8), Soviet troops fought against the enemy's in-depth defenses. Fighting in this area continued until March 1943 with more than 100 thousand Soviet soldiers and officers killed during fierce battles.

    The expedition was organized by the All-Russian public movement "Search Movement of Russia" within the frames of the project "Front" conducted jointly with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs with support from the Government of Kaluga Region and the magazine "Military Archeology."

    We pay special attention to training young people, because it is they who constitute our support system – young searchers will have to work side by side with experienced searchers in order to become commanders and mentors themselves.

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