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    27 january, 2012

    Calm down

    Author: Iosif Diskin, no comments

    After getting acquainted with the «Remaining Russia» organization program I consider it important to support any civic initiative, connected to civil engagement development. When we mean civil control mechanisms, they need to correspond to the subject.

    In this connection, the program providing abolishment of public councils and their replacement by civil activists is hardly efficient. Special competences measure is missing here. Without necessary qualification requirement among activists the program will come down to a famous Lenin’s statement about a lady-cook, «who can administer the affairs of the state». The consequences of such statement implementation are well-known. They can be especially awful today, when shortage of professionals in bodies of state administration is «compensated» by unskilled community workers’ judgements.

    It would be a lot wiser to organize a meeting of «Remaining Russia» and co-ordination committee of social councils’ members. The committee was established last year to monitor activity of consultative organizations by offices of state. Such meeting could help to handle current situation and work out more realistic ways to increase efficiency of social councils activity.

    The second noteworthy idea is about total public control performed by civil activists. Participation in civil control is beyond doubt any citizen’s right. Such control nets are effective as they reveal to publicity violations of all types.

    Both activating and regulation are needed to improve new effective civil control. At the same time, monopoly on this control is inadmissible.

    Today the Civic Chamber and the Presidential Council on civil society and human rights development elaborates a federal law «On public control». We suggest holding a meeting of the «Remaining Russia» members and developers of this law to think over ways for cooperation.

    The third issues concern reforming the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation. The law on the Civic Chamber definitely needs changes (since it was adopted in 2005, the country faced many innovations and new conditions should be conformed to). However, the changes should be thoroughly planned (regarding the principle «First, do no harm»). It would hardly be useful to turn the Civic Chamber to «Zaporizhzhian outlaws». What works well in the Internet, does not work offline.

    conclusion, I would like to ask the movement initiators, while making proposals, to be in depth and detail acquainted with the activity of structures they want to reform.

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