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    27 january, 2012

    With no forecasts

    Author: Andrei Dementiev, no comments

    Thoughts about national medicine make me anxious... I have suffered so many times from medical unprofessional performance and wretched technical equipment of our clinics...

    Many Russian health professionals went abroad where they could work normally and use all skills and knowledge in favorable environment their Motherland could not offer them. I know by the USA and Israel experience that our doctors, immigrants from the former USSR and modern Russia, are very respectable. Russian speech can be heard in different Israeli clinics and I am proud my former compatriots respect and honor their noble profession. Why is the situation different in Russia? Why does our public health service take only 128 place in the world? Why do all Russian topside officials, businessmen, millionaires and their families go abroad to be treated?  Many different medical centers that provide very expensive medical services for Russian money-bags appeared abroad not by chance. No one even thinks of making investments in national public health service, unlike foreign countries where charitable contributions on medicine are very significant. For example, a Jerusalem clinic «Shaaritsedek» engraved on marble walls names of people who made contributions, like buying ambulance cars, equipping wards, presenting expensive equipment and so on.

    Out poor health professionals get tiny salaries, many of them do not know English, thus, they can not read about new medical science achievements, can not afford going to international symposiums where medical experience and information are exchanged. I do not even mention conditions of patients’ treatment in our hospitals, especially provincial ones. A shame and disgrace. If you want to be treated, you should bring your sheets, dishes and pay a lot for each service. That is why our veterans die out, as they do not have money for this treatment. The young also face many problems. Very often they are made a wrong diagnosis and forced to buy expensive medicines that are sometimes fake or of poor quality.

    During my work in Israel I saw cases when Russian patients came to Israel and learnt the diagnosis they had been made in Russia was wrong, as well as the treatment, that sometimes caused significant harm to people’s health. Despite the fact some elite Russian clinics have modern expensive equipment it is not used, as there are no specialists to work with it.

    It is tragic, that death rate is much higher than birth rate and patients’ treatment has been out of practice in our great state. Television keeps telling us about endless economic and social achievements. Stop lying! Of course, 120 thousand Russian millionaires may notice the achievements, but this is their business, and other people have nothing to do with those successful achievements, as 59% of the population live below the poverty line.

    When Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, congratulated the Russian community on the New Year, he once again stated that former Russian citizens contributed a lot to improve economy and the country status. If they had been provided with necessary conditions, out former compatriots could have devoted their talents, knowledge and experience to the great country of Russia.

    Being healthy is the most important for the Russians. So with all my heart I wish them to be healthy in the New Year!

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