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  • The Suvorov College with be reinstated

    29 august, 2013

    The Suvorov College with be reinstated

    The Ministry of Defense of Russia adopted a resolution on reinstating of the North Caucasian Suvorov Military College, Alexander Kanshin, Chairman of the Commission on national security issues, social and economic living conditions of military personnel, their family members and veterans told.

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  • Sales of tours to Egypt were frozen

    16 august, 2013

    Sales of tours to Egypt were frozen

    Rostouris recommended Russian tour operators to suspend sales of tours to Egypt up until normalization of the situation in the country. This is said at the department’s website.

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  • A Nazi aid was deprived of a veteran status

    07 august, 2013

    A Nazi aid was deprived of a veteran status

    The Pushkinsky City Court deprived of the status of a Great Patriotic War veteran 90-year old Sergey Maslov, an aid to German invaders; it also divested him of all awards received, CC Member representative Tatyana Bokova told on August 7 after the court session.

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  • Stood upon teachers’ rights

    19 jule, 2013

    Stood upon teachers’ rights

    “We are glad that the Constitutional Court did understand the Civic Chamber’s position. Konstantin Shcherbina and Oleg Kurashkin were reinstated in their jobs by a Court Verdict,” RF CC member Sergey Ryakhovsky told.

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  • SanRaNs (Sanitary Regulations and Standards) have got “neutralized”

    06 june, 2013

    SanRaNs (Sanitary Regulations and Standards) have got “neutralized”

    Civic Chamber’s fighting for changing of the scandalous SabRaN regulating requirements for organization and operation of summer tent-type camps came to a victorious end.

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  • Back to life

    08 april, 2013

    Back to life

    On March 15, 2013, the long-awaited “quota-based” medical treatment of the resident of the Kaliningrad Region Maria Matsegora started at the Russian R.R. Vreden R&D Institute of Traumatic Surgery and Orthopedics (St. Petersburg).

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  • 29 march, 2013

    Got together for the first time

    The first meeting of the Youth Inter-Parliamentary Assembly NIS (YIPA NIS), a new permanent consultative body of the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly NIS, took place in the Tavrichesky Palace in St. Petersburg.

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  • 14 february, 2013

    Civic Chamber helped Novomoskovsk residents

    Residents of a two-storey house, 3-В General Belov Str. Novomoskovsk, the Tula Region, applied to Civic Chamber Member Ludmila Shuvalova with a complaint on the actions of OOO Novomoskovsk Heating Company.

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  • 28 december, 2012

    Rights of elections participant were protected

    Yury Shitikov has received an ID of a Member of the Kaliningrad Regional Duma of the Fifth Convocation.

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  • 24 december, 2012

    A center for musically talented children will be opened in the Sverdlovsk Region

    The Government of the Sverdlovsk Region reacted to the application of the Civic Chamber regarding the necessity to hold capital renovations of the building of the Urals Musical College and establishment of a regional center for musically talented children on the basis of this institution; CC Member Bogdan Novorok is guardian of this institution.

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