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  • 27 april, 2012

    Preserved a “green spot” in front of a Moscow house

    Residents of the Fili-Davydkovo District applied to the RF Civic Chamber informing that the DOMOSTROY Company started construction of a “social object” at the address: #13/1 Slavyansky Blvd.

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  • 25 april, 2012

    The prenatal center will be completed

    Representatives of public organizations of the Klin District of the Moscow Region applied to the Civic Chamber on the issue of commissioning of the maternity home in the territory of the Klin City Hospital.

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  • 04 april, 2012

    Helped Balashikha residents to protect a house

    Co-investors of construction of an apartment living house (#29 Zarechnaya Str., Balashikha) addressed with a request to help to a CC Member, prominent advocate Henry Reznik.

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  • 06 jule, 2011

    The Jury Acquitted the Journalist Galina Yartseva on Every Account Incriminated to Her.

    Galina Yartseva, the Novgorod journalist, reporting about the situation with “Pfleiderer” factory (the situation with the factory is also monitored by the Public Chamber), was accused of a criminal offence, and they tried to find her insane.

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  • 25 march, 2011

    Young Naturalists Gained Their Center Back

    Alexander Misharin, the Governor of the region is going to personally oversee the situation with the regional Center of young naturalists which was planned to get closed. Previously teachers and children organized the meeting in Yekaterinburg sending addresses to the President, and the Public Chamber took the situation under its control.

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  • 14 february, 2011

    The Veteran Living in a Car is Going to Move to an Apartment

    Akop Mkrtchyan, an 81-year –old man who for 3 years used to live in a vending kiosk and in his private car in one of the small streets of Novy Arbat, is going to move to a new apartment. The city administration promised to provide accommodation to him. This fact was reported by the Central Administrative Okrug [CAO] prefecture.

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  • 21 december, 2010

    “Gazprom” Skyscraper will not be Built in Okhtinskii Mys

    Valentina Matvienko, the Governor of Saint Petersburg, announced that “Okhta-Center” would not be built in the designed location. Later the Court banned the construction of the buildings being higher than 40 meters in this location.

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  • 10 december, 2010

    “Rospotrebnadzor” Found Some Mediation Practices in Agricultural and Industrial Sector [AIS] Illegal.

    Rospotrebnadzor found it illegal to render commercial services for developing the projects related to sanitary and protection zones, research, measurement and assessment of risk for the population’s health.

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  • 24 september, 2010

    The Family Enjoyed Assistance in Accommodation

    The Public Chamber was addressed by Fedotov family from Yavas village (Zubovo-Polyansk region of Mordovia Republic). In August 2009 an apartment building where Fedotov family lived, burnt down, and the family which had been on a waiting list to improve its living conditions since 1999, found itself homeless. For a year Fedotovs were renting an apartment, and in 2010 having seen the construction of new buildings for fire victims, addressed the Public Chamber for assistance.

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  • 21 september, 2010

    The Veteran of The Great Patriotic War [GPW] Had the Land Registered under her Ownership.

    The GPW veteran Stepanida Yuryeva from Archangelsk city addressed the Commission for Civic Watch on public control over the activities and reforming law enforcement bodies, judicial and legal system, and asked for assistance in registering her land plot under her ownership.

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