16 jule, 2014

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We have owners’ defended rights

We have owners’ defended rights

Entrepreneurs of the City of Stupino, Moscow Region, expressed their gratitude to the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation for its quick and efficient arbitration of a rude violation of residential premises owners’ rights.

In May 2014, private entrepreneurs Irina M. and Alexander G. appealed to RF CC with a complaint on non-fulfillment by the Administration of the Stupino Township of Stupino Municipal District of the effective judgment of the court on the transfer of residential properties to non-residential properties, thus violating rights of the owners of these properties.

The applicants told that instead of execution of the court judgment on the transfer of residential properties to non-residential properties, the Administration keeps sending requests to all possible state agencies (Prosecutor’s Office, Police, Housing Inspection, and State Administrative Technical Inspection) to hold inspections and impose penalties on the owners. “There is no way to speak about any support of business under these conditions,” they wrote.

“We are not asking for investments, loans, or subsidies. We want to develop and improve our city. Residents of former dilapidated communal apartments have been moved into new good apartments, and the ground floors of the dilapidated houses renovated; the adjusting area was improved, and repairs of the facades carried out,” the applicants told.

Despite all the efforts on improvement of their city, administration denies entrepreneurs’ requests with any reasons thus making development of their business unfeasible.

RF CC had immediately requested explanations from the City Administration, and only ten days afterwards, the entrepreneurs received the provision for the transfer of residential properties to non-residential properties.

RF Civic Chamber Media–Office


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