18 august, 2014

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We had been heard

We had been heard

Vice Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich stated that goods for diabetics and highly allergic individuals will be excluded from the list of products prohibited for importing to Russia.

This resolution was adopted after an appeal of a Civic Chamber Member and singer Diana Gurtskaya and Vice Chairman of the Council of Federation Committee of Legislation and Nation-Building Konstantin Dobrynin. They appealed to the Government asking to exclude from the list of products prohibited for importing to Russia nutrition for athletes, because this ban might have negative impact on the development of the professional sphere.

“I am very happy that the Government did hear us. I would like to say special thanks to Arkady Dvorkovich. He had earlier headed the Presidential Council on the affairs of people with disabilities, and for this reason, has a very good idea of the importance of special products for various categories of people with disabilities. I see this case as a bright example of efficient cooperation of the new convocation of the Civic Chamber and the state authority,” Diana Gurtskaya pointed out.

Earlier, the RF Government introduced a year-long ban on the import of a large amount of goods from countries which had imposed sanctions against Moscow: the U.S., EU countries, Canada, Australia, and Norway. The list of products included beef, pork, fruit, vegetables, cheeses and milk and milk-containing products, nuts, and other products.


RF Civic Chamber Media–Office


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