23 april, 2015

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Funding of socially oriented NGOs upheld thanks to civic leaders’ efforts

Funding of socially oriented NGOs upheld thanks to civic leaders’ efforts

Russia’s Ministry of Finance has considered the open letter on state support in 2015 sent by Russian socially oriented NGOs to the President of the Russian Federation and decided to admit NGOs to budget financing.

Let’s recall that Russia’s Ministry of Finance earlier had plans to cancel all subsidies to socially oriented non-governmental organizations for the year of 2015. NGOs, that provide assistance to orphans, poor and disabled people engaged in educational projects and other socially important matters, might lose 650 m rubles.

To support socially oriented NGOs, on March 10th President of Russia’s Civic Chamber Alexander Brechalov together with Civic Chamber members Iosif Diskin, Elena Topoleva-Soldunova and Diana Gurtskaya held the news conference at the media center of the International Information Agency “Rossiya Segodnya”.

Participants of the news conference unanimously opposed the Finance Ministry initiative and on the fly signed the open letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin asking him to prevent the abolition of subsidies to socially oriented NGOs.

In a response to the President of Russia’s Civic Chamber Alexander Brechalov, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation says that it will appropriated 621 m rubles to the regions of the Russian Federation so that they could spend this money to support socially oriented NGOs, and additional 239.4 m rubles to organize events in support of NGOs.

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