10 february, 2016

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Following the RF Civic Chamber engagement Kazakhstan’s citizen allowed to pass the Russian exam

Because of lack of money a young man wasn’t able to pass the Russian exam

Following the RF Civic Chamber engagement Kazakhstan’s citizen allowed to pass the Russian exam

Thanks to the assistance of Elena Sutormina, Chairwoman of the Commission on Public Diplomacy and Support for Compatriots Living Abroad, on January 20 Danila Kovalenko, citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan, successively passed the integral exam on Russian as foreign language, history of Russia and fundamentals of Russian legislation, attaining the necessary merit. The examination was held in the local examination center of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia.

Earlier the RF Civic Chamber received Danila’s appeal which said that his parents and his sister are citizens of Russia. He also explained in his letter that he is proficient in Russian and history of Russia adding that he already passed Russian and history exams during the first year of his university studies but doesn’t have a possibility to pass the State exam and to pay examination fees because of his troubled financial situation.

After that, Elena Sutormina addressed Anzhela Dolzhikova, pro-rector of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (PFUR), with a request of assistance to help Danila be allowed to pass the exam in order to receive the relevant certificate.

One month later, the RF Civic Chamber was informed by the pro-rector, that the PFUR had helped Danila Kovalenko to pass the exam and to confirm his proficiency in Russian as foreign language.

Anzhela Dolzhikova’s letter also says that, with the exam successively passed, the young man is currently applying for a temporary residence permit in Russia.

RF Civic Chamber Media–Office


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