27 january, 2017

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RF Civic Chamber Commission on Culture succeeds to establish Old Russian Art Center

Moscow to allocate land parcel for a building of the association of private old Russian art collections

RF Civic Chamber Commission on Culture succeeds to establish Old Russian Art Center

On November 7, 2016 the RF Civic Chamber hosted the round table "Creation of the Old Russian Art National museum in Moscow on the basis of state-private partnership. Problems and prospects".

The participants of the round table supported the initiative of Mikhail Abramov, founder of the Museum of Russian Icon, to integrate private collections of Russian icons which belong to different owners on the basis of new cultural institutions and to build the Old Russian Art Center for this goal.

Experts also noted that creation of a new major center of the Old Russian art which would carry out exposition, scientific, restoration and educational activity are fully consistent with the objectives and tasks of the state cultural policy. The specified art project is aimed at preservation of private collections and it will give an opportunity for private collectors to carry out joint projects with state museums that, in turn, would allow to use rarely exhibited artifacts from their vaults.

The RF Civic Chamber Commission on Culture has forwarded its recommendations to the RF Ministry of Culture and to the Moscow Government. The final resolution supports the initiative of Mikhail Abramov to establish the Old Russian Art Center in Moscow on the basis of state-private partnerships and also calls public authorities to assist in allocation of land for its construction in the Central District of Moscow.

The Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation received the letter by the Department of the Moscow Government addressed to Andrey Kovalchuk, Chairman of the RF Civic Chamber Commission on Culture. The idea of establishing of a non-governmental Center of Old Russian Art in the capital received support. At the moment the question of selection and allocation of the land for construction is being considered by the Moscow Department of property.

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