01 february, 2019

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Public organizations accelerated the adoption of law protecting animal rights

Artyom Kiryanov: Public control mechanisms must be used to ensure the implementation of the law

Public organizations accelerated the adoption of law protecting animal rights

The president signed the Law on Responsible Treatment of Animals on December 27, 2018. Public organizations and animal rights activists have been advocating this for over seven years.

Artyom Kiryanov, First Deputy Chair of the Civic Chamber Commission on Public Control and Cooperation with Public Councils, said that over the past few years the Civic Chamber hosted numerous events on animal rights and public control of this sphere.
“Every resolution and recommendation we adopted following these events included an appeal to the State Duma and the Federal Assembly as a whole, urging them to adopt a law on the responsible treatment of animals as soon as possible. A great number of animal rights organizations, public associations and pressure groups advocated such a law,” Kiryanov said.
Public organizations focused on the problems of inhumane treatment of stray dogs and cats, the absence of municipal animal shelters and temporary refuge centers in many cities.
Another painful problem is the use of animals for entertainment purposes, including at stationary and travelling circuses, zoos and dolphin shows.
Experts insisted that a network of public inspectors must be created with vast powers to monitor the operation of animal organizations, such as municipal and private animal shelters and the agencies that manage stray animals.
“Now that the law has been adopted, the existing mechanisms of public control in this must start working to ensure its implementation,” the Civic Chamber official said.
Kiryanov believes that there are many more topics on the agenda, such as the adoption of related regional legislation, public control of the implementation of the law, as well as continued efforts to preclude any maltreatment of animals and euthanasia.

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