• 17 january

    Trump has accepted terms of the deal with Russia on lifting sanctions

    Sergei Markov: «Putin and Trump should work together to correct the mistakes of their common enemy Obama, who has made a real mess of things all over the world»

  • 09 january

    Journalists arriving from Donbas detained in the Netherlands

    Elena Sutormina: «I believe that de facto this is another attempt of pressure on the press and control over access to data from the south-east of Ukraine»

  • 22 december, 2016

    Russia allocates $ 5 million to support the poorest Kyrgyz

    Elena Sutormina: «Support for social stability in Kyrgyzstan is particularly important for the security of the Russian Federation as well as for the whole world, because the Kyrgyz are among top targets for recruitment to international terrorist organizations»

  • 21 december, 2016

    Russians prefer to spend New Year holidays in Russia

    Elena Sutormina: "We deal not only with a significant increase of prices for trips abroad due to exchange rates but also with a higher security now in Russia".

  • 21 december, 2016

    Truck plows into Berlin Christmas market

    Sergei Markov: "Unfortunately, it is almost not news, but a part of everyday life of the modern Europe".

    Sergei Ordzhonikidze: "This act of terrorism is an exact copy of what happened in Nice. And it is not accidental that all this has happened the same day".

  • 19 december, 2016

    The RIA Novosti office in Kiev raided by radicals

    Sergei Ordzhonikidze: "It is an attempt to intimidate Russian journalists who convey truth to the Ukrainian people."

    Maxim Grigoriev: "What we see is a bullying reflecting an Anti-Russian nature of the current Kiev regime."

  • 15 december, 2016

    Amsterdam court: Scythian gold to be returned Ukraine

    Elena Sutormina: «Unfortunately, the objects of cultural and historical heritage turn into political tools»

  • 13 december, 2016

    Vadim Krasnoselsky wins Transnistria presidential election

    Elena Sutormina: «The new president has no illusions about resolving this issue in the near future»

  • 05 december, 2016

    Russia and Japan to discuss a peace treaty

    Sergei Ordzhonikidze: "It is more advantageous for the Japanese to reach any agreement from the political point of view, and more profitable for us in economic sense".

  • 01 december, 2016

    World AIDS Day on December 1

    Alexander Brechalov: "Together we are able to resist and fight against such phenomenon as HIV and AIDS. We should start from ourselves, our own culture and healthy lifestyle propaganda".

    Elena Topoleva-Soldunova: "Also I would like to discuss today non-government organizations acting in this field"

    Nikolai Pashtaev: "Of course, we need to raise this issue more often putting an emphasis on disease prevention".


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