22 december, 2016

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Russia allocates $ 5 million to support the poorest Kyrgyz

According to the RIA Novosti news agency with reference to Elizabeth Zalkind, public relations coordinator of the UN World Food Program (WFP), the grant is transferred by the Government of the Russian Federation within the framework of the WFP to support the most vulnerable segments of Kyrgyzstan population.

According to Zalkind, grants transferred by Russia are aimed at providing social support for the most vulnerable social groups of Kyrgyzstan regarding their material position and it is part of "regular annual contributions of the Russian Federation to the UN WFP programs in Kyrgyzstan".

Ram Saravanamuttu, head of the Kyrgyzstan WFP, expressed gratitude to Russia for the "continued support", which "ensures continuity in the implementation of development programs to support the most vulnerable and needy people of Kyrgyzstan". According to his, thanks to the Russian grants about 250 thousand of the poorest citizens of the Republic have been able to improve their living situation, many of them passed courses of professional technical training to get a job since the middle of 2014 year. Details>>

RF Civic Chamber Media–Office

Yelena Sutormina

22.12.2016 18:45

Yelena Sutormina

"Russia is a "donor", and we are paying fees for the UN World Food Program. Most importantly, the funds should reach those in need and should be spent on the provision of social support for low-income residents of Kyrgyzstan, many of whom are our compatriots. It is NGOs that are capable of making the process as transparent as possible by conducting monitoring, which is one of their direct tasks.

It should be noted that support for social stability in Kyrgyzstan is particularly important for the security of the Russian Federation as well as for the whole world, because the Kyrgyz are among top targets for recruitment to international terrorist organizations. Precisely, those citizens who are experiencing serious financial difficulties are in a particular risk.

We spread in Kyrgyzstan our brochures on counteraction to involvement of youth in terrorist organizations. Also, this summer a large forum of the CIS Counterterrorist Center was held in the Kyrgyz village of Sary-Oi and gathered specialists from more than 20 countries, including Iraq and Syria to seek for ways of protection against new information technologies used by terrorists. So the challenge of terrorism is very acute there, recruiters are active in the region and the Russian grant could be considered as a good preventive measure.

Another positive point is that after Kyrgyzstan official adherence to the Eurasian Economic Union Russia lifted all restrictions aimed at protection of the national labor market and requirements to obtain work permits for Kyrgyz labor migrants. The citizens of this country has been removed and now it is much easier to travel to Russia to make earnings.”


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