18 may, 2017

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State Duma to consider draft law providing Russian citizenship to a child without foreign parent’s consent

In the coming weeks the State Duma will consider amendments to the law “On citizenship”, which facilitate obtaining the citizenship by children born from international parents (a Russian national and a foreign citizen). If amendments are accepted, there will be no need in receiving foreign parent’s consent.

According to the current rules, if one parent is Russian and another one is foreigner, the procedure of citizenship depends on the place of living. If the child lives in Russia, it is enough to have his Russian parent’s consent to gain the Russian citizenship. However, if the child lives abroad, the law demands foreign parent’s agreement. The amendments are to eliminate this requirement. Details>>

RF Civic Chamber Media–Office

Yelena Sutormina

18.05.2017 10:46

Yelena Sutormina

«In order to protect children’s rights, we should conclude relevant international agreements with countries that don’t have double citizenship with Russia. Any state, including Russia, is guided by its law. If double citizenship is allowed, no problem. Otherwise, courts protect national law and refuse to return kids back to mothers.

So the question is relevant, the problem is up to date. The issue should be considered in cooperation with different state bodies, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Today on May 18 we will discuss the amendments to the law “On citizenship”, including the mentioned bill».


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