09 january, 2013

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On the case of the yard-keeper

On the case of the yard-keeper
Head of the Civic Chamber Commission on security Anatoly Kucherena will meet with residents of the South Butovo District, as well as with representatives of the the Prosecutor’s Officeand law enforcement agencies in order to investigate the incident when a Moscow school student was allegedly traumatized by a yard-keeper.
On Wednesday, Uzbekistan citizen Bakhrom Khurramov was arrested by Court; he is suspected in causing injuries to 12-year old school student. The boy told that he and his friends had hit the yard-keeper by accident with a snow ball, and the yard-keeper ran after them, broke his spade and dashed the spade handle in the direction of the children; one of them was hit in his face. The school student was hospitalized last Sunday with fracture of the lower jawbone and concussion.
Many applications from residents of the district where the yard-keeper worked came to the Civic Chamber. Anatoly Kucherena stressed that residents of South Butovo “were concerned with the fact that the yard-keeper was arrested without looking into the matter.”
According to the attorney, “residents spoke high about the yard-keeper; there is information that bottles were thrown at the yard-keeper when he was cleaning the territory, and the situation must be thoroughly considered.”
“The situation is not clear; this is why I am going to meet with district residents. Representatives of the Prosecutor’s Office and Law Enforcement Agencies, as well as the parents of the injured boy, were also invited to take part in the meeting,” Anatoly Kucherena said.
Earlier, Anatoly Kucherena told that the CC Commission would take this case under its control and clarify all the details of the situation which had taken place.

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