25 october, 2013

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The Chinese Dragon is on our side

The Chinese Dragon is on our side
On October 22, President of the Civic Chamber Evgeny Velikhov met with the Chairman of the Economic and Social Council of China Wang Gang.
Perspective directions for AICESIS development were among the major topics for discussion. Let us remind that since September of this year, the Civic Chamber is presiding at the Association embracing leaders of public structures from more than 70 countries.
Some experts call AICESIS “the UN for civil society” comparing the political potential of the organization with the authority of the major international site for states’ dialogues.
“Chinese partners are ready to support our efforts for the development of the Association,” they told at the RF CC International Department based on the outcomes of the negotiations. “They understand that a new chair is putting new and ambitious goals for the new conditions and are ready to take part in their implementation from their side.”
It was also said that Russia and China are “planning a whole series of joint civil society events next year.”
Let us remind that Evgeny Velikhov had formulated the major ways for AICESIS progress in his speech in Algeria, right after he was elected the new AICESIS Chairman. Those included issues of sustainable development; countering the economic crisis; development of international cooperation in the social sphere, economy, science, and education; educational programs for young members of the society.
For the reference: in China Evgeny Velikhov was member of the official Russian Government delegation.

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