30 october, 2013

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The secret of longevity was discovered

The secret of longevity was discovered
A Coordination Council for stimulating and promoting the health style of life will be established in affiliation with the CC. Participants of the hearing at the CC dedicated to the first outcomes of the 2013 standard health examinations of Russian citizens came to this resolution.
Opening the event, CC Member Nickolay Daikhes stated that, unfortunately, periodic health examinations are not too popular in public. At the same time, statistically, such examinations help reveal various diseases at early stages and, correspondingly, noticeably facilitate treatment and in many cases can even save people’s lives. Nickolay Daikhes said that the CC should maximally help informing citizens about significance of timely diagnosing of the health status and the existing options for taking periodic health examinations.
Deputy RF Minister of Healthcare Tatyana Yakovleva told that a major standard health examination of public started in Russia in 2013. So far, more than 20 million Russian citizens had undergone it; of those, 9 million are children. According to the Deputy Minister, the good thing is that young people agreed to pass examination: 37.7% are at the age from 21 to 39 years and 39.6% are of 40 to 60 years old.
According to the data received, 15 people of each 100 examined individuals suffer from arterial hypertension; pulmonary pathology was detected in each hundredth, while six people of each two thousands have been detected with oncology at the initial stages.
“The data are deplorable; however, identification of such diseases at the early stages allows to significantly facilitate their treatment,” Yakovleva said and added that the periodic health examination are taking place in two stages. “About 24% of citizens are sent for the second stage. These are those who had been identified as possibly suffering of a disease and who need a more thorough examination and medical treatment if necessary,” she said.
CC Member Sergey Markov believes that periodic health examinations might increase the length of life in our country. “In civilized countries, this index goes up for five months every year; we must be striving for such results, and periodic health examination is a perfect instrument for this,” he said.
To make periodic health examinations more popular, the expert proposed to engage as many media personalities in promoting this as possible: State Duma deputies, senators, heads of regions, popular public activists. “We should organize an information campaign when an influential public person is undergoing a periodic health examination and tells mass media about this,” the expert proposed.
Participants of the hearing also discussed the course of periodic health examinations at specific regions. As it turned out, the problems are the same everywhere: lack of equipment and doctor’s offices; insufficient qualification of medical personnel, and low level of public awareness. Also, according to practicing doctors, writing reports and composing other documents consumes a lot of time.
Besides this, experts pointed out at the necessity to improve the regulatory base concerning issues of holding periodic health examinations. All comments and proposals will be included in recommendations which the CC will send to the Ministry of Healthcare. Nickolay Daikhes also said that a Coordination Council for promoting and stimulating the healthy style of life will be established at the Civic Chamber.

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