05 november, 2013

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A lot of work after the water

A lot of work after the water
A meeting of the Working Group on liquidation of outcomes of the flood in the Far East took place at the Civic Chamber.
As Yelena Topoleva, Coordinator of the Group and Chair of the CC Commission on social policies, labor relations and quality of citizens’ life pointed out, “everything is rather non-transparent in the matters of territorial re-establishment; especially in regards of humanitarian assistance.”
“It is needed; various organizations collect it; however, its further distribution is not always fair,” she believes. The same thing, according to her words, is happening with compensations. “On the one hand, there are people affected by the flood who, for whatever reasons, do not get of the lists. On the other hand, there are people claiming on something with no good reasons,” she told. “Generally speaking, there is a lot of work to be done,” the CC Member added.
Civic Chamber Member Sergey Simak is sure that regions affected by the flood lack backfeed between people, authorities, and those who provide assistance. ”We have no efficient public control. This is exactly what we shall help with,” he said.
To do this, the CC proposed to establish a communication system with volunteers who would act as controllers going out to specific places in order to verify the information received: something is missing somewhere or someone was not included in the list, etc.
“We need not only to collect critical information and forward it to ministries; we need to first verify it,” Simak believes. “This is why we must create a network of trusted individuals in the regions who should be able to verify it; then we shall think who to put in force: the Ministry of Regional Development, Ministry on Emergency Situations, the Ministry of the Far East, regional authorities or volunteers,” the CC Member commented.
In Simak’s opinion, volunteers from regional and all-Russia public organizations working in the area could assume the role of such contorllers. “We had a hearing where various volunteer and public organizations spoke. They have a certain amount of people on the spot. I believe they could make a pier for such system,” the CC Member noted.
Also, the CC Member told about one more problem. “There is information that up to 200 million rubles got stuck on the accounts of some major public organizations.  This is an unacceptable situation. At the same time, some volunteer organizations have to buy water extractors, hold works on restoring houses. We will keep checking information about these sums of money; we must understand what is taking place there,” the public activist said.
Sergey Simak also told that the next hearing on the situation with the flood will take place at the Civic Chamber in the second half of January; representatives of all ministries engaged in liquidation of the flood consequences, charitable organizations and volunteers will be invited to it.

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