05 november, 2013

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What does it mean: cruel?

What does it mean: cruel?
Liability for cruel attitude to animals shall not only be strengthened and specified in the RF Criminal Code, but also included in the administrative Code. Members of the round table on the “Issues of Efficiency Enhancement and Law Enforcement Practices in the Sphere of Animal Protection,” which took place on November 1 at the RF Civic Chamber, came to this opinion.
“The police operates without any instructions in cases of cruel attitude to animals,” CC expert Alexander Kazakov said. “They lack instruments; this is why it is necessary to introduce amendments to the law.” He added that cases of cruel attitude to children get to courts extremely rarely.
In the opinion of the Chief of the departmental and inter-departmental cooperation of OAD MI of Russia Alexander Pasichny, article 245 of the Criminal Code “Cruelty to Animals” requires additional qualifying crime attributes. In particular, the article is applicable when “hooligan intentions” happened to be. However, according to Pasichny, the law has no definition of this concept, which causes certain difficulties in qualifying hooligan acts and a number of other offences.
“We need specifics,” Kazakov pointed out. “Some people would not drink milk because milking might cause pain to a cow; however, this could not be called cruel attitude to the animal.” The CC expert stressed that law enforcement agencies are glad to cooperate on this matter.
After the round table, recommendations concerning enhancement of the efficiency of the law enforcement practices in the sphere of animal protection will be sent for field-specific departments.

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