05 november, 2013

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Did the glory of our post-office service operation reach Germany?

Did the glory of our post-office service operation reach Germany?
An application from a German citizen came to the CC hotline dedicated to operation of the “Post Services of Russia;” he complained that the content of a parcel he had sent to Armavir was replaced.
By the applicant’s words, his mailing unit sent to Armavir of Krasnodar Kray had been robbed.
“Only minor articles remained in the parcel; he, the most valuable things in this unit (a of 16-piece set of pans, 2 expensive frying pans, and an uninterruptible power supply) were stolen. The application says that the content was replaced with one old rusty pan; a 5.4 kg can of putty, and rags (an old dress). Also, the applicant drew attention to the alleged “Post Services of Russia” employees’ violations of operational regulations (in particular, possible violations of the international parcels delivery rules).
The applicant asked “to right the wrong, compensate losses, and identify and punish the persons guilty of the forgery.”
“Having read in the internet about your assistance in such cases on my iPhone, I’ve got a hope for fairness,” the author wrote.
In his letter to the CC he also asked to publish this information.
Let us note that this application was forwarded to the “Post Services of Russia” and to the Ministry of Telecom & Mass Communications.

RF Civic Chamber Media–Office


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