11 april, 2017

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An interreligious youth association to be created under the RF Civic Chamber

The organization is designed to counteract the spread of ideas of religious radical ideas

An interreligious youth association to be created under the RF Civic Chamber

On April 11, the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation (CCRF) hosted the Youth Forum entitled “Religious Diversity and National Unity”.

Chairman of the CCRF Commission on Harmonization of Interethnic and Interreligious Relations Iosif Diskin emphasized the urgency of strengthening interethnic and interreligious harmony among the youth, creation of new forms of interfaith dialogue, and discussion of issues of preventing the spread of xenophobia and extremism among young people.

“Nowadays a new social structure and new social relations are being actively formed, in which religious communities and associations have begun to play a particularly important role”, - he continued, adding that one should promote the idea within in the Russian society that religious diversity of Russia not only does not contradict its unity, but also is its strongest foundation.

"Our history, the centuries-long history of the multinational Russian state teaches us one inviolable truth: viribus unitis - in unity there is strength”, - claimed Sergey Ordzhonikidze, Vice-President of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the CCRF Counter-Terrorism Coordination Council, noting that understanding this truth is important “under the conditions of new challenges and threats, quick changing realities of the international agenda, which cannot but affect the internal life of our state”.

“Youth is the most active, dynamic component of society, open to cooperation and knowledge. And this, unfortunately, is successfully used by destructive forces. In particular, recruiters of pseudo-religious terrorist organizations have launched a real war for the minds and hearts of young people, in fact, undermining the foundations of traditional Islam and provoking the growth of intolerance and xenophobia in society”, - Ordzhonikidze said.

According to him, terrorism today is changing the forms and tools of influencing the minds. The essence does not change: terrorism is a crime against humanity. And the fight against it requires the consolidation of society.

Member of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, head of the working group on countering pseudo-religious extremism of the Counter-Terrorism Coordination Council, mufti of the Moscow Spiritual Assembly of Muslims Albir Krganov told the participants about the danger of spreading the ideas of religious bigotry, extremism and terrorism.

“To that end more than 700.000 accounts have been created in social networks through which attempts are being made to recruit our youth into destructive organizations”, - he said, noting that only live communication, education of ideas of tolerance and equality can be opposed to this.

So that, the forum participants came to the conclusion that the creation of a Interreligious Youth Association under the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation could contribute to mutual respect for various religious values, development of mutual knowledge and spiritual and moral education of the youth.

As part of the activities of this association, it will be possible to solve a number of problems: exchange of experience in the field of harmonization of interreligious youth relations in the subjects of the Russian Federation; creation of network formats in social networks; creation of a modern information Internet resource for the placement of materials of religious enlightenment; development of presentations, programs, methodological materials, situational games about the history of modern religions; establishment of new forms of interaction between youth and state government bodies and civil society institutions on the basis of religious belonging; involvement of youth in activities aimed at solution of problems of national and religious intolerance, formation of a civil identity among youth, its spiritual and moral and civic and patriotic education and so on.

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