13 april, 2017

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Head of the Syrian Parliament visited the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation

Head of the Syrian Parliament visited the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation

On April 13 a delegation from the Syrian Arab Republic headed by the Chairman of the Popular Council of the SAR Khadia Abbas visited the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation.

On the part of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation the meeting was attended by members of the Civic Chamber Commission on Public Diplomacy and Support for Compatriots Living Abroad and the Counter-Terrorism Coordination Council: Sergei Ordzhonikidze, Elena Sutormina, Veronika Krasheninnikova and Maxim Grigoriev.

Sergei Ordzhonikidze said that he had been to Syria before the armed hostilities began, noting that he was swept off by their country: "I have never seen such a prosperous and beautiful country in the Middle East, as Syria used to be".

He delivered his position to the Syrian side regarding the recent US attack on the Syrian base, stressing that it was an act of external aggression against the sovereign state: "Russia is the only country that has the legal right to operate in Syria, and as for the United States and their allies, they had not been invited to Syria, they broke into themselves".

According to Veronika Krasheninnikova, at first the external forces tried to overthrow the legitimate government of Syria by means of a "color" revolution, but they failed to do so, and unleashed a terrorism war.

Elena Sutormina said that the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation is engaged in preventive measures, struggling with recruiters of ISIS: "We understand that in the case of terrorism it is necessary to stay ahead, and we do everything to resist recruiters who are trying to engage our youth in terrorist activity".

The Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation also pays particular attention to combating the propaganda of terrorism and the ideology of ISIS, Maxim Grigoriev said, emphasizing that with engagement of civil society thousands of websites and Internet accounts that propagandize the ideas of terrorism are blocked.

Syrian Parliament's Head Hadiya Abbas thanked Russia "for responding to the Syrian government's request for help and supporting the Syrian people in the fight against terrorism." According to her, this struggle should be not only national, but also international, because terrorism constitutes a threat to all mankind.

She described Syria before the war: "You can ask any Syrian in what condition Syria was before the Syrian crisis. The Syrians lived in the full conviction in the future, in conditions of tranquility and absolute security, and national blessings were spread through the entire Syrian nation".

"But, in spite of all this, in 2011 the first spark of the conflict broke out, which later spread throughout all country. Syrian citizens were confused, they did not know what to do. Unfortunately, those who invaded the territory of Syria could bribe and bought over many Syrians - especially those who received low salaries. They were given a lot of money, numerous demonstrations were organized in different cities and areas of the country, on which the slogans about the overthrow of the government of Bashar Assad were raised.

At first there were few demonstrations, but then there became more and more of them. The Syrian government appealed to the people who participated in these demonstrations, and asked what they wanted to achieve by overthrow of the regime, but they could answer nothing. They repeated their slogans, utterly not understanding what that would mean for our people and what it would lead to. After a year or two, ISIS appeared. They went into cities, villages, occupied them, cut off heads of the inhabitants. Many inhabitants remained in these areas blocked and still live under the reign of terrorists who treat these people as animals.

In one of her speeches, Hillary Clinton bluntly said that ISIS, like Al-Qaeda, was created by the Americans. Thanks to the US support, ISIS forces were able to invade our country and captured part of its territory. In other words, the Americans gave birth to ISIS, Qatar and Saudi Arabia financed it, and Turkey forwarded them to us through its territory. As a result, we turned out face to face with these terrorists, who were recruited from more than 90 countries. Realizing its national and international responsibility, Syria appealed to Russia for help, because we are united by long-standing strategic relations. We asked Iran for help too, as well as the Lebanese national resistance.

Thanks to this, for almost six years we have been fighting against terrorists, and we have achieved significant victories in almost the entire territory of Syria, but our losses are also heavy. Our infrastructure was destroyed, a lot of innocent people became victims, many of them among the Syrian army, and among Russian and Iranian soldiers.

During the entire period of our struggle, the US pursued an aggressive policy towards our countries, conducted military operations against the Syrian army, they bombed the Euphrates dam, which was built with the help of Russia and thanks to which we receive a significant amount of electricity. Now this dam gives almost no electricity and functions only as a reservoir. Its restoration will require at least two years of work.

Nevertheless, every day we win, we gained a victory in Aleppo, in Palmyra, in the region of Hama and Damascus. The terrorists were completely defeated in these areas, and the US decided to put heart of the terrorists, to revive their strength, so this was the reason for this performance with chemical weapons. It was a well-prepared performance in which various mass media were used to produce fake news, using fabricated video and photo materials. In particular, they showed various photos depicting dead children they give out as victims of the attack. In fact, these videos and photos were taken a year or two ago.

The US claims that the Syrian air troops launched a blow with chemical weapons. They announced it at dawn, but our aircraft began first flights only at 11 am. So, it's just slander, and we are convinced that it was a falsified operation, and the gas was brought to us from the territory of Turkey: the residents who saw it confirmed the fact of the delivery. Nevertheless, the West and the Arab countries blame Syria, despite the fact that a few years ago we transferred all the chemical weapons we have under the supervision of international experts. And I don't event mention that our morals and ethics just do not allow us to use such means.

When Trump heard about this performance, he shed tears of pity. But when he sheds tears over Syrian children, we could ask him why he does not shed tears for those children who were killed a few days ago in Iraq? Moreover, he said that he would avenge the citizens of Syria for this, and at his order blows were delivered against our airfield. This airfield is important from a military point of view, and at the same day the terrorists launched an active offensive.

Many countries of the world have condemned this blow against the national sovereignty of Syria, and we thank them for this. We thank the Russian government for its position, for condemning this barbarous act on the part of the United States of America", - concluded Hadia Abbas.

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