29 june, 2019

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Valery Fadeyev: “Good people are the main force changing lives for the better”

The Good People Civic Festival kicked off in Gorky Park

Valery Fadeyev: “Good people are the main force changing lives for the better”

On June 29, the Good People Civic Festival hosted by the Russian Civic Chamber kicked off in Gorky Park. 

The festival, which has already become a traditional meeting place for people who care, will last until July 7 and inform citizens and tourists about the results of successful public projects that help solve critical social problems. The motto of the festival this year is #for yourself! #for others! #for all!
The opening ceremony began with a performance by Diana Gurtskaya, Honored Artist of Russia and a Civic Chamber member. She was accompanied by children from the Center for Social and Cultural Rehabilitation founded by her, winners of the Inclusive Moscow Festival and the Domisolka children’s ensemble.
“There are a lot of good people in our world. When we are together, miracles happen. The most important thing is kindness, and how we live and what we create should reflect that. Without kindness, nothing else will remain,” said Diana Gurtskaya.
Head of the Civic Chamber Valery Fadeyev joined the singer and social activist on the stage: “Dozens of charitable organizations that do excellent work are taking part in the festival, and all we can do is our best to help them. We try to help these people across the country.”
“These are people who are engaged in good deeds not for publicity’s sake, not for some kind of personal pride. They do it because they think it is right. Good people are perhaps the main force changing lives around us for the better. We thank them very much for this, and we will continue to do our best to help them,” Fadeyev said.
Natalya Pochinok, Chair of the Civic Chamber Commission on social policy, also addressed the guests and participants of the festival: “The world depends on good people; the entire social sphere depends on them. The public organizations represented here are the best of the best. The kindest, most open, most ambitious ones. I want every Moscow resident, every tourist to see these projects. Welcome to the festival. And here’s to it becoming annual.”
Kindness is the basis of social activity, according to Andrei Maximov, Chair of the Civic Chamber Commission on territorial development and local government: “We always strive to do something not only for ourselves, but also for our neighbors. When civic chambers unite the efforts of specific people who do something for others, it always spreads good in our world. The relay of good that we are setting in motion here today must reach every individual in our immense country.”
Despite the cold and rainy weather, festivalgoers were surrounded by the warmest and friendliest atmosphere, said Yelena Istyagina-Yeliseyeva, Deputy Chair of the Civic Chamber Commission on physical training and promotion of healthy lifestyle.
“The opening of the festival has brought together representatives of social movements and organizations who have dedicated their lives to doing good. The projects on display really help people across the country lead happier, healthier and more successful lives. The Good People Festival showcases successful practices and social projects of our citizens who are changing the world for the better. Do good, and it will come back to you and then some!” she said.
The first day of the festival began with a workout in the heart of Gorky Park, followed by crowd-pleasing performances by artists from the Moscow Production Center and Pervoye Muzykalnoye (First Musical) label, including FOGEL, Daniil Danilevsky, Roman Bestseller and Sasha Project.
The Pioneer summer cinema served as a lecture hall, where members of the Civic Chamber and leaders of public organizations spoke.
During the nine days of the festival, over 150 workshops and activities will take place in its six themed zones, and over 120 artists will perform on the main stage — both rising stars and established ones. Every evening, guests will enjoy film screenings from Russia Today and the World Wildlife Fund.
The lecture hall at the Pioneer summer cinema will host 35 lectures on the most important areas of civic activism. Forty-five charitable foundations will be presented at the festival fair. Anyone can sign up to volunteer with them or make a donation – any amount helps. 

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